Friday, February 10, 2012

{C is for...} Creating an Ancestor Garden

{This is my second installment for the Pagan Blog Project}

{photo by Mike Reid}

I've been thinking about ways we can utilize our new patch of dirt, and one of the ideas I had was creating allocating a part of yard for an ancestor garden. Of course I am not the first person to think of this and there are plenty of wonderful resources out there, some of which I will share in this post.

For whatever reason, I have never created one before, and I figure it would be a good spot for me to do outdoor ancestral workings and devotionals when I can't make it to the cemetery.

Obviously a good place to start is figuring out where to put the garden. Personally I think it is nice to give over some prime real estate for devotional gardens, whether it be for land spirits, ancestors, or gods {and of course keeping a piece for wildlife too!}.

As far as what to plant, one could choose plants associated with those who have passed or plants that your ancestors were fond of. The spot we are using already has a little cedar bush, which was my Grandfather's favourite plant. We plan to add bleeding hearts and wild roses for my Grandmother and tiger lillies and sweetfern for my Great Grandmother. We have also chosen poppies, monkshood, and mullein so far.

Adding cherished or associated items, a memorial plaque, and perhaps an offering bowl and candles are also nice touches.

Here are some other places online that might spark inspiration:

The Chart Chick
The Green Mountain Gardener
Just a Cloud Away
Diana Digs Dirt

If you have any ideas to add or if you have created one yourself, please feel free to share! :)




Hertha said...

This is a very beautiful idea!

Sapphire said...

What a sweet, creative idea! When I have a house, I will totally do this. Thank you for posting this!

perma_culture said...

I love this idea =^)

Marisol said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful idea. I made a memory garden two years ago for my older sister. Her name was Rosa and loved roses, so I am sure that you can figure out what theme her memory garden has.