Friday, February 24, 2012

Favourite Ontario Seed & Plant Suppliers

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With tomorrow's local seed exchange coming up, I have been taking stock of what we have for our own garden and figuring out what we want to add to our wish list. I am sure that we will be able to find some of what we are looking for, and there will probably be some surprise additions too. What we can't find at the seed exchange will be purchased from our favourite seed and plant suppliers.

I thought that I would share some of them with our readers and recommend you check them out too.


Commanda Country Gardens is located in Powassan Ontario, and customers can either go to their beautiful farm or to the North Bay Farmers' Market to purchase the hardy perennials that Jim & Judy Merrick sell. At least half of our perennials are from them, and the owners are very helpful to answer questions and make suggestions. When it came to our first garden in North Bay, their advice was especially helpful. Coming to a colder climate and only having a balcony, it was largely thanks to their great tips on how to over-winter our container garden that it had survived {!!!}.

If I can't get what I am looking for from Commanda Country Gardens, then I will likely purchase them from Richters located in Goodwood Ontario. The drive would be a tad far for me, so I get them online and have them mailed. You can find just about anything your little heart desires there, along with dried herbs and seeds too.


The seed company that I have been buying from the longest is Urban Harvest, since I had my first personal garden in Toronto. They have an excellent selection of organic & heirloom seeds, from edibles to useful ornamentals.

Also in Toronto is Cubit's; they have an Etsy shop where you can purchase rare, heirloom and organic seeds.

I have mentioned local Soggy Creek Seed Co. a few times, but the goodness that they grow is worth mentioning time and time again. They still have the prettiest seed packages out there and just about every type of seed they sell is now a staple in our garden.

The Cottage Gardener has a slew of different organic and heirloom vegetable seeds, along with historic herbs and flowers.

And then there is Terra Edibles that has one of the best selections of heirloom tomato seeds that I have personally witnessed. They also carry other great veggie and flower seeds.




Marisol said...

Nice list! I am going to order mine next week!

Simone Elle Chavez said...

I get many of my seeds from Urban Harvest too.

nefaeria said...

Marisol: Glad you like it. :) What did you order?

Simone: They're great, eh? They have some of the nicest wildflower seeds. :)