Sunday, February 26, 2012

Seedy Saturday Haul

I had a fruitful, albeit short adventure at the North Bay Seed Exchange & Eco Fair. Unfortunately I had to do my rounds before the event officially opened, so there were some vendors I missed. However, I came home with awesome seeds from both the exchange and vendors, some raspberry leaf tea, and got to catch up with folks and meet some others.

{Isabelle Legault of Field Good Farms}

One of the people I was chatting up a storm with was Isabelle Legault {who I also purchased the raspberry leaf tea from} of Field Good Farms. Isabelle is a good example of why small farm folk are kickass. She is warm, knowledgeable, and extremely passionate about sustainable and ethical agriculture. It makes me giddy to see so many people like her coming back here to the North to carry on the ways of their ancestors.

{the haul}

As for what I actually came home with...

From the seed exchange I got Potimarron squash, Summer Ball zucchini/pumpkin hybrid, Orca bush beans, Rouge d'Hiver lettuce, Scarlet Globe radish, Black Krim tomato, Cherry Red Pear tomato, San Marazano Roma tomato, Tigerella tomato, Orange Blossom tomato, hot banana pepper, Scotch thistle, lavetera, and datura {light purple}.

I also purchase some seeds from Midlothian Valley Farm. I got Scarlet Runner beans, orange and red bell peppers, and Painted Mountain & Pickaniny corn.





Simone Elle Chavez said...

I am going to a seed exchange tomorrow. After seeing what you came home with I am extra excited now. Have you started any seeds yet?

Hertha said...

Lots of nice seeds you got there. I wonder how the datura will look.

nefaeria said...

Simone: I hope you had fun and scored lots of pretties today! :) I haven't started any yet. I am hoping to get the first batch done either tomorrow or Monday.

Hertha: Thanks! I am curious how it will turn out too. I am getting a late start with it, so please do cross your fingers and toes for me! ;)