Friday, June 15, 2012

leave no trace, take nothing with you

Yesterday I was absolutely horrified to find out that Lia Fáil was damaged. It seems that it was struck with a hammer in 11 different places and fragments were taken.

By looking at the damage there are folks who are speculating {myself included} that this was not an act of purposeful defacement, but probably the collection of relics. If that is the case, obviously whoever did it had no regard for the sacredness of the site or symbolism. Perhaps this is worse than plain old trashing.

I am sure that there are many Pagans who would love to or do make pilgrimages to these sacred sites, which is all fine and dandy, but if they are going to lack respect and common sense then shit like this happens. It doesn't help when books such as Sacred Journeys by Sally Griffyn encourage people to make these pilgrimages without informing them on basic etiquette, or in some cases make suggestions that are asinine. For a good critique of the book from a conservation perspective, check out this White Dragon article.

If the damage reports on the Cornish Ancient Sites Protection Network is any indication, then it would seem that many of the ancient sacred sites are targets, and way too often. The organization talks specifically about the damage caused by folks who are visiting these sites for spiritual purposes, and there is an article addressing this on their website from a Pagan's outlook.

I suppose all I can add is passing on some sage words that can be found on an old pamphlet for a local Provincial Park:

"Enjoy and preserve the beauty of this place; leave no trace, take nothing with you."



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