Wednesday, June 6, 2012

unfinished business

This was something that I had sitting in my draft box for a while, but was inspired to finally publish it by Juniper over at the Walking the Hedge blog. To keep it relatively short, this is the part of my "bucket list" that I have yet to achieve. There are some who will probably find it dreadfully boring when compared to other lists, but I have sewed enough wild oats for my liking. ;)

In no particular order...

  • Live in a wood cabin with a tin roof
  • "Create" my own heirloom veggie, it doesn’t matter what type
  • Go on a sacred pilgrimage to the lands of my Gods
  • Learn to herd sheep
  • Have some horses {some Vanners or Canadian horses would be very lovely!}
  • Learn pottery
  • Be on a property long enough to see a mature Permaculture system in action
  • Ride across Canada on horseback, camping along the way
  • See the decriminalization of sex work in Canada
  • Make a successful batch of heather mead
  • Learn Gaeilge, at least enough so the Gods don’t giggle
  • Scatter wildflower seeds on a golf course
  • Travel to the lands of my Ancestors
  • Join a border morris side
  • Learn to knit
  • Make a moss graffiti masterpiece
  • See the end of horse slaughter in Canada
  • Camp in Restoule Provincial Park in the Autumn
  • Participate in an archaeological dig or experimental archaeological project
  • Master natural dying
  • Have a lusty good time in the forest by firelight {again!}
  • Pour a libation over the graves of Anais Nin and Emma Goldman
  • Learn to play the bodhrán
  • Raise a rowan tree from seed to berry
  • Get the family farm back into the family
  • Make hard cider from my own apples
  • Visit and stay on the East Coast of Canada for a bit
  • Learn to make the perfect campfire
  • Make a cob house
  • Have some type of impact on food security and the expansion of sustainable and ethical agriculture
  • Visit all the Witchcraft museums
  • Learn to plough with horses
  • Finish the book that I have been working on for what seems like ages, and perhaps even get published
  • Live on a small working farm


That should keep me busy for a while.



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Amanda said...

I don't find your list boring in the slightest. In fact, we have a few in common. Perhaps I should get around to making one myself.