Monday, September 1, 2008

Part one of our Toronto series

This is a video made about our Lemon Shaker Pie that we baked in my home {aymi} in toronto, while laurel visited. Music used in this video is by: Etta Scollo ~ I Tuoi Fiori.

This recipe was inspired by tree, a wonderous human who is an artist who posts videos here on youtube.

{more posts will be made in the coming days about laurel's toronto visit}


Diana Boston said...

That was delicioso! So simple to make as well. Oh the art of cooking is just magnificent. What an inspiration to want a kitchen of my own.
Thanks A & L.


nefaeria said...

Aymi sure bakes a mean pie, eh? I hope you have a kitchen of your own soon to whip up your own creations :)