Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Toronto Part Deux

I am now back home in North Bay from visiting Aymi in Toronto. I had an awesome time, but I am glad to be home.

We did a lot of different things, and visited other friends, but we also spent a lot of time alone taking photos of artwork (pictured below), cooking (also pictured below), catching up, and watching movies.

Aymi used her talent to take pictures of some of my artist trading cards, which is now available at our Etsy shop:

ATC number one

ATC number two

One of the places we went to was of course Riverdale Farm and the Riverdale Farmers' Market and went crazy buying things like homemade corn bread from Hearty Catering, Celtic bread from St. John's Bakery, brownies from Kaykayo Chocolate Company, and sweet potato cream cheese from Round Plains Plantation. We also got plenty of organic and heirloom locally gown produce such as shitake mushrooms from Fun Guy Farm; pears and peaches from Feast of Fields; tomatoes from Country Meadows Organics; garlic and nasturtiums from Sosnicki Organic Produce, and atomic red carrots and onions from Quinte Organic Farmers' Co-operative.

When we were waiting for our friends to meet us at the Market, we ended up munching away at our goodies, and we were lucky to get any of it home. Hehe.

Below are photos of a YUMMY stir fry Aymi made with ingredients we got from the Market:

And a photo of our supervisor *winks*:




Rose said...

Love the ACEO's off to visit your shop! and what yummy stirfry.. a great reminder to include some nasturtiums in my next fry up :)

nefaeria said...

Thanks for the compliments, Rose :) And the nasturtiums were divine!