Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Part three of our Toronto series

This is a special blog post, about a love that blossomed during Laurel's trip to the Big Smog.

Who would have guessed that two creatures, from very different worlds, would have began a blossoming love affair the moment they looked into each other’s eyes.

Like many love affairs, they did not agree on every issue.

Neemore, {pictured above staring off}, had truly believed that Bob, {shown above sulking}, would have shared her love for tuna. Bob, unfortunately, was born with his mouth permanently shut, so eating is one of the things Bob is unable to do.

Despite some of their differences, Neemore & Bob were seen quite often scurrying off to the laundry room, to cuddle.

Since Bob & Laurel have left the Big Smog, Neemore's heart has been aching.

They are both looking forward to the day they can be together.



davka said...


*random cute kitty noises*


nefaeria said...

Lol. You pretty much got Neemore down to a tee *winks*