Thursday, January 8, 2009

Another Great Homesteading Book!

Last week I picked up The Harrowsmith Country Life Reader (various authors) for a whopping $2.00.

Although a bit dated (1990), it is still an excellent resource for homesteading in my opinion. The book starts off with different peoples' stories about how they came to homesteading, and why they love it, and hardships they have faced.

It also has a whole slew of great info including on how to raise a small flock of chickens, how to make candles, info about planting and keeping trees, gardening (such as beneficial insects, organic soil care, and how to cure garlic), and has some great recipes.

There is of course many more topics covered, so I highly recommend this book to any homesteaders (from aspiring to old school). :)

Happy reading!




Anonymous said...

Yes, an old favorite. Now you've made me want to dig out my copy! I know it's around here somewhere...

nefaeria said...

:) Do you have a favourite section or article?