Friday, January 2, 2009

Etsy Treasures Part I

I did a bit of my holiday shopping on Etsy, and I think that Aymi did pretty much all of hers there.

Below are treasures that we found on Etsy, for and over the holidays! We are still waiting to receive a few more, so they will be posted once we get them all.

We are pleased to support our fellow Etsians, and had a super experience with all of these sellers. We highly encourage others to support these shops!

Luverlies from Aymi to myself:

Vintage sterling Faery earrings from The Riverdreamer

These earrings are so pretty! Apparently the owner of The Riverdreamer was hit pretty hard with those ice storms, and risked life and limb to get these out in time for Christmas. It is no wonder she has such a following!

Blue horses scarf from Satisfactory

Anyone who knows a smidgen about me knows that I love horses, and boy do I love this scarf! It is BIG, the fabric is a great quality (sweatshop free!), and the silk screening is perfect. It puts the giddy in giddy up ;)

Nag champa and patchouli soap from Bayberry Meadow

Ok, the people behind Bayberry are obviously from the same frequency that Aymi and I are on. I mean, not only are we talking about nag champa or patchouli, we are talking about nag champa and patchouli! As soon as I opened the package, my nostrils got some lovin'.

The ingredients are great, and if kept away from water when not in use, it will last a long time. Check out how thick it is!

To my Mom from myself:

Just the Two of Us

and Breathtaking Beauty by McGuiness Photography

As soon as I saw these, I knew that they would be perfect for my Mom (I inherited my love of horses from her) They are gift cards, and I got them to be framed.

I used the photos from the sellers store, as I tried to take my own of them, and could not do them justice. Jen McGuiness is an amazing photographer. She is also an awesome seller with a warm heart! A part of the proceeds from the store goes to charity.

A splurge for myself:

Primitive deer keeping box from The Poet's Daughter

Another animal I have a real fondness for is deer, and I also love primitive folk art. This box has me written all over it. It was being sold as a Christmas gift box, but it was bought with the intention of storing sacred objects in.

This is handmade paper mache, and stained and grubbied to look ancient. Look at the luverly detail...

The Poet's Daughter also sent this cute little ornie along as well. Adorable!

For those who like prim stuff, she has a lot of goodies that you would love.
Well, that is it for now. Stay tuned for the rest :)



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