Saturday, January 17, 2009


Yes, I am certainly 'spiritual', and others would call me 'superstitious'. I believe that there are Those who protect us from harm; some people call the Spirit Guides, Totems, or Guardian Angels.

From my personal experience I have come to believe that Genius Loci can aid those who are stewards of certain areas, Ancestors and Totems can guide and protect you, and that it is possible to get this help from certain Deities.

Early yesterday morning I was having some coffee and reading an article online, while all of a sudden I got this strong pang in my stomach and heard in my ear 'Look yonder!' (heh, maybe reading too much Paxson!).

I stood up and looked out the window to my balcony (which faces a parking lot), and I noticed a strange flickering on the front end of a car not 20 feet from my balcony (we are on the ground level). At first I thought it was the headlights acting up, but then I saw that it was the beginnings of a fire.

The fire did get quite big, and if it had reached the gas tank, it would have least blown the windows out in my apartment. Not good if you were slumbering by a window, and not good when you have 4 cats in your family.

If it was one hour later, the sun would be almost up, and others would have certainly noticed it, but that was not the case.

The better half was calm and sane throughout the whole thing, and we got the kitties all packed up, and 911 was called. Our awesome firemen were here in less than 5 minutes and put out the blaze. Yay!

I feel terrible for the owner of the car. I would say it is completely unsalvagable. The car was quite old, and we figure it was probably the block heater (almost everyone is plugged in up here because it is so cold). Here are some photos (you can click to enlarge them):

I am just thankful that no one was in the car, and that no one was hurt.

Yesterday was a reminder that I do indeed have Guardians, and I am confident through blast and bane, myself and mine are well protected.




Rima said...

Hello Laurel and Aymi... thanks so much for your kind words on my blog :) I am happy that you found the hermitage inspiring.. it is great to visit you here and your treasure trove of interesting things :)
Here's to stomach wrenches that have a voice :)
Sending all the very best to you from the orchard

Tracy said...

i am glad you and your family is safe. the same happend to my mothers car... thankfully she wasnt in it either. wishing you and yours a safe day! blessed be.

nefaeria said...

Hello Rima and Tracy,

Thanks for the kinds words! The best to you and yours :)

perma_culture said...

That is so scary! I'm glad to hear that no one was hurt though!!