Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Cure for the Winter Blues {Container Gardener Edition}

Even though Winter is technically more than half over, the last part is always the longest! I was surfing the web and found some wonderful and inspiring container garden photos. Here are some of my favouries:

Photo by Satrina0

Photos by oneblackbird

Photo by Annie in Berziers

Photo by Tracy27

Photo by ariari

Photo by NH567

Photo by Arboreality

Photo by Selkie30

Photos by Beck Naksup

Photos by waterlilysage




FreeDragon said...

Cool! I got a kick out of the toilet picture because I didn't realize that's what they were at first.

Anonymous said...

hahahahahaha!!! now i know what to do with our old toilet!!!!!

nefaeria said...

Glad you both liked it! More to come!

cammie said...

My nextdoor neighbor has toilets in her garden. Wonderful photos.


A.Diamantis said...

I've been super excited about spring coming too! Can't wait to start up my container garden again!

nefaeria said...

Pretty much 5 weeks until Spring! yay!