Friday, February 6, 2009

Etsy & Blog Update

Photo from Liam's Old Books. Check out the webby, it is a great source for free images!

Our Etsy shop will be closed until February 28th, Aymi and I are both on a 'mini-vacation'. We will still be answering convos and emails though!

As well, if you look in the other column, you may have noticed that we added a 'recommended reading' list. These are texts that we found online that can be read for free.

Right now they are in two categories: ' history, folklore, and spirituality' and 'homesteading, farming, gardening, and wildcrafting'. We will probably break down the categories further at some point, and add more as well.

Go and have a look. Let us know if there are any recommendations that you have. Happy reading!




cammie said...

That should keep book worms busy for a while. Time to go soak up some folk lore


Anonymous said...

i have been looking forever for a copy of leechdoms wortcunning and starcraft! has it been up for long? thanx!!!! :]

perma_culture said...

Holy cow!!!How long did that take you to compile? Terrific librarie =^)

nefaeria said...

Hi Folks! :)

I hope that you enjoy the reading material. Some more changes and additions have been made.