Friday, February 20, 2009

A Cure for the Winter Blues Part II {Community Garden Edition}

Last week I did a post on container gardens photos that inspired me enough to get me out of my Winter funk, and here are some of my favourites of community gardens and allotments.

Enjoy and happy green day dreams. ;)



Baltic Street Community Garden, Brooklyn New York (photos by Flatbush Gardener)

Jones Urban Valley Farm, Birmingham Alabama (photos by stephee)

Sunnyside Community Garden, Kingston Ontario (photos by tee-dot)

Edgerton Community Garden, New Haven Connecticut (photos by sweet lil' bunny)

La Grande Community Garden (photos by A Lon Maclean)

Richmond Community Garden, Richmond British Columbia (photos by Artcatcher)

Soo Line Community Garden, Minneapolis Minnesota (photos by nate)


Anonymous said...

so pretty!

FreeDragon said...

Loved the first pic, it looks lush and bursting with life. Also glad to see you have pictures from my home state of Alabama and I love, love, love the sunflower!

cammie said...

Such beautiful photos! I love the mountain one.


nefaeria said...

Glad you folks enjoyed in :)

perma_culture said...

Those are great photographs. I love your idea! It cured mine =^)