Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Great Podcast to Curl Up and Listen To

The last week or so I have been suffering from the plague, so I have been diligently drinking herbal teas like my friend Rebecca recommends, and curling up in a blanket and re-listening to all of the episodes of the Celtic Myth Podshow.

Many find Celtic mythology difficult to read and digest, and the Celtic Myth Podshow is an excellent way to learn the stories. The show hosts Gary & Ruth are true and wonderful story tellers, with great music and sound effects to boot.

Right now they are going through a cycle of Irish mythology, starting with the story of the Tuatha Dé Danaan and the Fir Bog meeting up and going toe to toe, to the story of Manannán mac Lir.

Sprinkled throughout the episodes are other lore, book reviews and short story readings, poetry, music and news.

Next it looks like they will soon be covering Welsh mythology (yay!). So curl up and have a listen and enjoy!

Also check out their great blog to get up to date info on all things ancient and Celtic.




Anonymous said...

i love this pod-show! they do great voices. tee hee!

perma_culture said...

Great photographs! The last one reminds me of my very first garden. =^)