Sunday, January 31, 2010

Imbolc Pretties on Etsy

I was going to make a Treasury over at Etsy, but I don't feel like waiting around for a few hours for just the right moment where there will be room for mine {they only allow a certain amount at a time}. So, I will just post the pretties here instead for you all to enjoy. ;)

Imbolc Table Runner from SpelledWithaW

Imbolc Ritual Incense from Moonlit Herbals

Goat's Milk Sheep Soap from Lost River Rags

Brighid of the Hearth from The Mickie Mueller Collection

Rowan & Red Thread Cross from Wands of Avalon

Highland Cow Print from Stephanie McDowell Fine Art

Brigit Icon from Spirits Craft

Snowdrop Necklace from Wychbury

Burning from Washburn Photography

Four Metal Torc from Celt Smith

Fire Light from Spalenka

Imbolc Altar Kit from White Magic

The Secrets of Falling Poetry Book from This Blank Page

Felted Saint Brigid of Ireland from Saintly Silver & Sewing




Bek said...

Pretties indeed! I love the table runner and the many representations of Brigid, especially Brigid of the Hearth. The felt St Brigid is a cute idea!

Hertha said...

Nice! That torc is wonderful. :)