Thursday, January 14, 2010

Witchy Luverlies from Forest Grove!

I am so pleased with these pretties I thought I would share them with the rest of you! :D

Generally I like to create my own magical mixtures and tools and collect my own witchy ingredients, but some of them are impossible for me to do on my own at the moment, so I turned to Forest Grove Botanica. A little while back I had purchased a nifty little rowan bag from Sarah of Forest Grove when she was still had Skyclad Crafting open, and given the quality of craftsmanship and the exchange in general, I had no doubts that I would be just as happy with this purchase.

I bought a 52 inch strand of rowan berries and red thread {you can see them in the picture at the top} because I never got around to collecting enough rowan berries last season, and I wanted another strand.
Above is graveyard dirt, a must have for folks who wish to connect with Ancestors and the deceased. I had used up the last of what I had that I gathered from a beautiful old graveyard in Toronto that I used to do some workings in.

None of the graveyards that I have encountered in North Bay I find suitable to gathering dirt from, but I recently found out that the Ancestors that I work with are buried not too far from town, and I will have to wait for the ground to thaw before I go collecting there. This should do just nicely 'til then!

If you are thinking of collecting your own dirt, please, please, please be respectful while doing so. It is best to make sure that the dead are receptive, and that the ground itself is. Be sure to leave proper offerings such as coins, or find out what type of offering the land and the deceased would like.

Don't just go digging up random dirt off of someone's grave...remember, these are people's loved ones. Try and get some from one of your own Ancestors or from the grave of a spirit that you work with. If that is not possible, you could try by an old tree or in another 'communal' area of the cemetery.

Above is red brick dust and rowan and dragon's blood oil. Both are fantastic for protection magic.

And here is a some hot foot powder and dream incense. The hot foot powder is traditionally used Hoodoo to get rid of bothersom and nasty people. It is not something I have personally used myself, but the folks I have talked to about it have said it definitely gets the job done, so I thought I would give it a go. ;)

The dream incense was a bonus pretty that Sarah was nice enough to throw in, and she says in her product description that it is good for:

"...dream magic, dream divination & prophetic dreaming, lucid dreaming, astral travel, confronting nightmares, or for working with and/or invoking Morpheus, the Greek God of Dreams."




gumboot goddess said...

very nice luverlies! the graveyard dust is intriguing

Metronyx said...

What a wonderful place to shop in : D
But somehow I guess (do not know) that the items one collect oneself are more powerful. And yes I fully agree when it comes to collecting dirt. It is important to show respect, but if someone took dirt from my own grave I would not mind :D
The dead worry less perhaps than the living.

Hertha said...

All of these things are look great. Now I know someone I can get some items off of too. Are you offering these services yet to people in your city?

perma_culture said...

Great finds! I love the rowan berries and let me know how the hotfoot powder works X^D

cammie said...


nefaeria said...

Gumboot Goddess: Thanks and blessings back your way. :)

Metronyx: I would suppose the same as well as far as the living caring more than the dead, but I am not going to chance it. ;) But tis awesome that you won't mind. :)

Hertha: I am very sure that you will be pleased with her wares. :) Oh, and I have been for a while on a barter/trade system, but only to folks I know. I haven't taken the full leap yet!

Permie: Will do! ;)

Cammie: Glad you think so. :)