Friday, January 8, 2010

...Need Sleep...

Generally I am plagued with thoughts and ideas just when it is time for me to go to sleep. Eventually my brain will catch up to the notion that it is time for bed. I suspect that this is the case for most creative people: we get up at least once a night to scribble down our ideas before they can escape us. Then we are allowed to get some sleep.

This I can live with.

What I have been experiencing over the last few nights though is not something I really want to live with. No matter how many times I get up to write down these ideas {which grow more and more horrible by the day!} my brain will just not shut up.

I thought that I would turn to my beloved chamomile tea, but that just means more trips to the loo. I tried the whole 'meditation' thing before bed, but focusing to turn my thoughts off is work, and only lasts for a certain period of time. A yogi I am not.

Wouldn't it be luverly if the brain could grow wings and fly out for the night, and leave the body to rest? That way if there are any good ideas that come up, we could have the energy to carry them out. ;)




gumboot goddess said...

I have that problem too~ someone told me putting a cold cloth on your forehead helps by cooling off the frontal lobes of the brain where the "talk" activity is going on... also I use valerian tincture.

Anonymous said...

lol love the pictures!

Bek said...

Hehe I'm sure thinking about your mind flying away for long enough would have the desired effect!

This happens to me too though - and a yogi I am supposed to be!

nefaeria said...

Gumboot Goddess: Thanks for the splendid ideas! :) I forgot to mention in the post {I wonder why?} that many herbs that people use to help them sleep {like valerian} knocks me on my arse til at least noon the next day. I'll sleep but also past when I am supposed to. ;) I will definitely give the cold cloth a whirl!

Anon: Glad you like em. :)

Bek: Oh dear. ;) Well let us will it and see what happend! :D

Medusae said...

What a great concept! Sign me up. ^.^