Friday, March 25, 2011

The Farmer and the Horse

I found out about this over at the Cold Antler Farm blog, where Jenna had posted a trailer to the movie The Farmer and the Horse.

A story about a landless farmer, a non-conformist,
and an escaped office worker...

From award-winning journalist Jared Flesher
comes The Farmer and the Horse, a film that
digs into difficult questions about sustainability,
self-sufficiency, and why we do the work we do.
Flesher’s film goes beyond the usual platitudes
of smiling organic farmers talking about the
good life. Farming is hard work—especially if
you don’t use a tractor.

The Farmer and the Horse is a film every young
farmer should see. So should everyone who cares
about land use, the environment, and good food.



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