Thursday, March 17, 2011

*Double Squee* :D

More seeds to cross off the 2011 daydream list and there are some bonus pretties too!

The luverly folks Plant Trees, It's Self Defense sent us over a gaggle of seeds from across the pond...

They sent over Tree Lupins, Mammoth Russian Sunflowers, Bells of Ireland, Dill, Teasel, Tall Mangetout Peas, Sweet Peas, French Climbing Beans, Giant Red Mustard, Red Russian Kale, and Borage.

They also sent us a postie with stark and beautiful {Devon?} scenery, which now sits with our little collection of fridge pretties and oddities.

Last week I hit one of the local seed & feed shops in an attempt to placate the virus that I am sure all gardeners with long Winters suffer from. ;)

I picked up Mixed Double Hollyhocks, Dwarf Queen Asters, Jewel Mix Nasturtiums, Iceland Mixed Poppies, Red Oakleaf Lettuce, Tricolour Ensign Mix Morning Glories, Heavenly Blue Morning Glories, Bijou Sweet Peas, Fordhook Giant Swiss Chard, Purple Haze Carrots, Daydream Cosmos, and Early Sensation Cosmos.



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Scented Nectar said...

I have that gardening virus too. The symptoms return too soon each spring though, with a strong deficiency of foliage and fragrant flowers after the last year's season has worn off. I'm going to treat myself such a huge healing dose of botany this year that the effects will carry over indoors, keeping my symptoms at bay with tropical houseplants even during the winter. It might be the only way not to suffer yearly from now on. :)

Marisol said...

Your garden is going to be beautiful. Your new blog is beautiful too.

Bek said...

Yes - loving the revamp!

The range of heritage seeds you must have now...can't wait to see your garden this year!

I should have said - the postcard is of one of the Dartmoor Tors, only I can't remember which one now, cos I'm useless...

Love the cat postcard from Mexico!!

Happy sowing <3

Anonymous said...

wow your garden is going to be great!

xxo lise

nefaeria said...

Scented Nectar: I can't wait to see all your new pretties! :)

Marisol: Thanks! :)

Bek: I am stoked to see yours too! :D Hardly useless young lady, and thanks for the clarification and luverly thoughts.

Oh, and the kitteh postie is from my Aymi. :)

Anon: Thanks Lise! :)

Anonymous said...

do they have an etsy site?