Monday, March 7, 2011

Ok, Apparently It Does Get Worse!

Now not only do these assholes want to make miscarriage a crime, but they want the death penalty to be the punishment.




SilverFox said...

This is absolute insanity....If this passes they are going to have a huge revolt on their hands, I can see it.

bek said...

I wouldn't have believed anyone would ever take this seriously if you hadn't put up the video too.

So critics call Bobby Franklin a "fringe politician" eh? I can think of a more fitting alternative!

nefaeria said...

SilverFox: You betcha! Plenty of torch & pitchfork action!

bek: I thought this was something from The Onion for a sec. It is mind-blowing. Really mind-blowing. As far as what folks are calling him, I am pretty sure most folks are thinking something a little more colourful than that. At least the smart, pissed off ones are!