Monday, April 23, 2012

some news of note & a small update

Howdy folks! I hope that everyone had a chance to get out and about to enjoy Earth Day! :) It was rather blustery and cold here, but a nice day nonetheless. I might have some photos to share of yesterday's adventure if they turned out alright. In the meantime, this is just a post of news and updates that might be of interest to you folks.

Of course the Harper government {the Canadian Federal Government} has been celebrating the great wealth and beauty of our planet, by implementing policies so there is less "red tape" and review in plundering that wealth and beauty. The government's logic? Apparently we need to speed up the whole pipeline process by removing those dastardly eco radicals before some other country gives away all their natural resources before we can.

And more great news about the darling of Frankenfood, it seems that Monsanto has made another recent purchase. Apparently back in September 2011, Monsanto bought Beelogics, one of the largest organizations involved in researching the bee colony collapse. Pretty fucking convenient since Monsanto may be partially responsible for that very issue. Perhaps further proof that if you have enough money and power you can just purchase evil deeds and proof out of existence.

On a more positive note...

For people in Ontario, there is a consultation on Ontario Food and Nutrition Strategy: A Plan for Healthy Food and Farming starting today until May 31st. To get involved, sign up for a free membership over at Sustain Ontario or for more information send an email to

Horse Feathers released their fourth album last week. From what I have heard of Cynic's New Year so far, they have not lost any of their awesomeness. Here is a video of one of the songs from the album Where I'll Be:

And a beautiful live performance of Last Waltz {in Paris, 2011}:

Oh! I have finally bit the bullet and created a Facebook page for Unfettered Wood.



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