Friday, April 13, 2012

some photos of our wee green friends

Anywhere we have sunlight peeking into our home is crammed with little pots of yogurt containers, egg cartons, toilet paper rolls and starter pots. The grand total of our seed startings {both seedlings and the ones that have yet to break through soil} is 224 so far.

Many of them are really leggy, so I cannot wait until it is warm enough to put them outside during the day so they can sunbathe, and I am even looking more forward to when they can be transplanted. We definitely need to get some grow lights.

We have quite a bit of multiple seedlings in each container, which I will pull out so there is just one, once they start to get their secondary leaves.

Here are a few photos of the menagerie:


a mess of leggy morning glories, teasel, lavetera/swamp rose mallow, scotch thistle, datura, and sweet williams

double pink columbine

sweet and hot peppers


tomatoes {sometimes it takes view a photo to notice how messy things are, such as the window and sill in this photo!}

We are still pulling up sod and I will post some photos and news from our yard soon.



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