Saturday, November 1, 2008

Awesome Things Out of Vancouver, Canada

Over at City Farmer they have been following the creation of community garden projects in Vancouver that have been started by businesses on their undeveloped land.

There are two community gardens started by Onni and one by Prima Properties. (Click the links to see videos about the projects)

These are temporary gardens, but it is a much better way to utilize urban land than what we usually see in cities in our side of the world!




Diana Boston said...

Thanks for that L. I just contacted Onni for more info and to be put on the waiting list. In fact, there's a small empty lot across the street from me. I'd like to find out who owns it and ask them if we could do some garden space with it. It's very small but hey, dirt is dirt.


nefaeria said...

That's awesome! I hope you get a plot at Onni, and if you like, I can send some awesome organization contacts in your area that deal with food security and community gardens.