Sunday, November 23, 2008

Seasonal Blog Makeover

Well, since snow has been on the ground for the last week or so, and it doesn't look like it's going anywhere, I suppose it's time for the seasonal blog makeover.

Neither Aymi or I technically celebrate Christmas (I personally celebrate Yule) so much of the imagery on the new header, although often associated with Christmas, it also has more universal and/or Pagan elements.

The little birdie (which is also on our usual header) was found at Karen's Whimsy and was made over at Scrapblog.

If you have it, enjoy the white stuff, and may you have a hearth to warm up to!




ourfriendben said...

Adorable!!! Looks like winter/Christmas/Yule to me!!!

nefaeria said...

Thanks! :)

Yes, it does to me too, I suppose the original wording in the post sounded like me claiming otherwise.

A cautionary tale not to do blogging before one has had enough morning coffee ;)