Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More Readings Available in Our Etsy Shop!

Besides the full Haindl Rune Oracle readings, I am now offering other readings at our Etsy shop. More info below:

3 card Haindl Rune Oracle reading

Full Druid Animal Oracle reading

3 card Druid Animal Oracle reading

Full Faeries' Oracle reading

3 card Faeries' Oracle reading




Faery Log said...

L -- I lost my reading ! I loved it and went to reread it and can not find it anywhere. Could you resend it if you still have a copy ?

Many thanks and Willow blows you a kiss !

Rose said...

How wonderful!! I do hope that this proves to be profitable for you..

nefaeria said...

Joany: You've got mail, and send along some Faery smooches to that sweet little Pixie Willow ;)

Rose: Thank you very much! :D


Diana Boston said...

What a great way to spread the craft and make a little food money too. I loved the layout you picked for the picture. Lady of the Harvest: abundance and reaping what you plant, which is this wonderful idea of doing readings. Arval Parrot: speaking the truth of the readings you are giving and Losgunna: deeply loving what you're doing. That's my interpretation :) I hope this endeavour blossoms for you and it seems like it has! You're a great reader L.

Many XOXO's


nefaeria said...

Hey Di,

That's an interesting take on the Faery's Oracle layout...but, you know how they work ;)