Thursday, November 20, 2008

What a Turn Out...

Well, the public meeting to help save Sweetman's Garden from the hydro substation may have been a complete waste of time, save the fact that so many people turned up!

From the North Bay Nugget:

"A homeowner who lives near Sweetman’s Garden said he has been denied permission to build a carport because it was not consistent with the aesthetic of the community.
So Glen Turcotte spoke up Wednesday, asking the city why it’s now OK for North Bay Hydro to build a substation in the same area.
He was one of hundreds of Sweetman’s Garden supporters who crowded council chambers Wednesday night to hear from city staff and hydro representatives about a plan to build the new substation at the end of McIntyre Street West.
It was standing room only as citizens expressed concerns about safety and property values during the three-hour meeting."

I am glad so many people turned up, but it was the only public meeting. Hopefully the other handful of options for dissenters to get their voices heard will be effective.

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