Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Do you know this "Mystery Tree"? *

thanks to Crafty Gardener,
this tree can now be refered to with its real name: Monkey Puzzle Tree

i thought i would appeal to our lovely blog readers, to help identify this “mystery tree”.

Date of photo: February/09

Location of “mystery tree”: British Columbia, Canada, in the area of Coquitlam.

The photo was taken with a poor quality film camera & scanned so you can view the image. Because of this, it is a bit hard to see the actual needles & bark of the tree. {If needed, you can click on the photo to view the large version.}

Needles: vibrantly green, and close together.

Bark: has small “spikes/peaks” up and down the trunk.

Although the tree appears to have been “groomed”, i have seen many other trees around British Columbia which look exactly the same, so the “groomed” look, seems to be natural. Although they could be in other areas of Canada, I have never seen this tree in Ontario, or Quebec.

Laurel & i have done a bit of research to find out the name of this tree, to no avail. It appears to us to be some kind of Evergreen, but we can’t be certain.

If you can help to identify this beautiful tree, i would be eternally grateful.



Rose said...

I'll go as far as to say it may be a spruce of some kind as it resembles the blue spruce here in my Missouri yard.. but of what variety I know not:)

Crafty Gardener said...

That is a monkey tree. We visited Victoria last summer and I just loved seeing these trees.

Crafty Gardener said...

I think it is actually a monkey puzzle tree and I just shortened it to monkey tree.

nefaeria said...

Rose & Crafty Gardener:

i would like to thank both of you for taking the time to figure out what kind of tree this is. It was very kind of you both. And thank you, Crafty Gardener, for finding out it is a Monkey Puzzle Tree. What a beautiful tree!

i love what it is known as in France
"d├ęsespoir des singes" in english: "monkeys' despair". :)