Thursday, March 26, 2009

An Etsy Update & an Awesome Free Documentary

Aymi & myself are currently having a sale in our shop until April 9th! For the sale all material items will have free shipping, and all readings are 25% off. We will hopefully both be adding new items to our shop shortly as well.

Also, through the CBAN webby, I was 're-introduced' to a documentary called Seeds of Change: Farmers, Biotechnology, and the New Face of Agriculture. I had watched this film in Toronto at a screening a few years ago, and thought it was excellent, so I am very happy to see you can watch it online for free.

Here is a trailer:

and you can watch the movie at the Seeds of Change webby by clicking here.




perma_culture said...

Thank you for posting this movie. I have been meaning to watch it but completely forgot what it was called. =^)

nefaeria said...

I hope that you enjoy(ed) it!