Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day & Lunar Photos

I hope that everyone had a splendid Mothers' Day, and that it was a happy one for all the Mothers :)

Aymi is visiting me here in the Bay for the next few days, so I probably won't post for a while. We'll share our adventures when we get a chance, as well as her exciting news!

So until then I leave you with some lunar photos taken this weekend by my friend Marlo, as well as some photos she took a little while ago through her telescope.

These first two are from this past Friday:

These were taken through her telescope:

A 'montage' of a lunar eclipse that she put together from photos she had taken:




Anonymous said...

those are sooooo pretty!

Medusae said...

I have to thank you for your mother's day greetings on my blog!!! That was so unexpected, and sweet, and it really made my day ^.^

I had a good weekend. My boys gave me their handcrafted items which are so cute! And we spent the day outside in beautiful weather on the riverbank off in the woods. It was VERY nice.

I hope you enjoy your time away!

The photos here are AMAZING!! I didn't know you could take photos through a telescope! o.O
Just beautiful.

Have fun!


perma_culture said...

Those are great photograpths =^)

Avis said...

Breathtaking photos. Your friend should make cards from them. Cheers!

nefaeria said...

Thanks everyone, I will make sure to let Marlo know that you liked her photos! :)

Medusae, glad to hear that you had a splendid Mothers' Day! :)