Monday, May 18, 2009

Sightings in the Bay & Small Blog Update

First, I have added links to the sidebar menu for our 'Recommended Reading'. So you just click on the photo of each subject and it will take you to the list. Now the sidebar is a little less lengthy!

On to the photos!

These are just a few shots that I've taken in the last week or so while out and about North Bay and area.

These first ones were taken from my friend Marlo's woodland garden (*sigh*) with her camera:

These were taken while I was with Aymi:

{Contents found in Aymi's hotel room bedside drawer}

{Owl candle from Mary Ink}

{It's always Christmas to some folks up here!}

{This is certainly one of the cutest buildings in North Bay}

{Some of my Crow friends hanging out}

{Atlantic & Squeeky portraits...they're such hams!}




perma_culture said...

Great photographs! Your cats are so cute and those bible photographs are funny X^D

Medusae said...

HAHA! What an entertaining post!! :D

It has a little bit of everything... Amazing photos of nature, hilarious juxtapositions with teh bible, and CATS! What a bunch of characters :D

Oh, I miss cats so much! I'm renting right now in a place that doesn't allow animals of any sort, and I'm so lonely :( WAAAAAAH!!!

Great post! ^.^

nefaeria said...

Thanks Permie & Medusae! :)

I hope that you can have a living situation soon where you can have as many critters as you want!!

Anonymous said...

pretty photos and i love your cats!

Cammie said...

~*~I love Atlantic and Squeeky~*~