Friday, May 8, 2009

Treasures Adopted from the Library & More Border Morris

Last night the Locavores had our monthly meeting at the local library, so I stopped by to check out the books before the meeting. The library always has a bin of books for sale, but I have never found so many ones I love at once! It turns out that these are all 'secondary copies'.

What's even more odd is that they are having a huge sale this weekend to sell off books they no longer use, so I would have expected these lovelies to be in that sale.

This is what about six dollars got me (excuse the photos!):

Abbey Lubbers, Banshees & Boggarts by Katharine Briggs

Katharine Mary Briggs has got to be one of my favourite authors when it comes to Faerylore.

The Enchanted World Fairies & Elves (Editors of Time-Life Books)

This is a neat little book with lots of great artwork.

A Medieval Book of Seasons by Marie Collins & Virginia Davis

This book is full well-researched information, beautiful artwork and plenty of songs and rhymes, such as the timely:

Sumer is icumen in-
Lhude sing! cuccu.
Groweth sed and bloweth med
And springeth the wude nu-
Sing cuccu.

Organic Farming: Everything You Need to Know by Peter V. Fossel

I have taken this book out from the library at least twice. It is a priceless resource for an aspiring organic farmer!

The Concise Guide to Self-Sufficiency by John Seymour

This is another book that I have taken out a number of times. It's a homesteader staple.

The Self-Sufficient Life and How to Live it: The Complete Back-to-Basics Guide by John Seymour

Another book that I frequently took out, and just like the one above it is the perfect book for a homesteader (this one is more detailed though).

And here is a few more Border Morris videos:

The Witchmen:

Bacchus Border Morris

Hunter's Moon

Hook Eagle


Exmoor Border Morris




Dawn R. Jackson said...

Wow, those all look like great finds! I am especially fond of the work of Mother Briggs as well and got a copy of the book you just did last year off e-bay for about two dollars, the shipping cost more than the book did lol! Hope you have a great weekend, I'm off to go see my Mom for Mother's day and won't be back til the middle of next week in case you respond to this and wonder why I haven't yet.


nefaeria said...

Congrats on your great find! I think the best one to date for me was Rowan Tree and Red Thread for a few bucks at Value Village. I’ve been daydreaming of something (anything!) by Daniel Schulke and George Evans popping up there. Not very likely, eh? Lol.

I hope you have a great time at your Mother’s and Happy Mothers’ Day! :)

Cammie said...

Niiiiiiiiice book tracking you did there!!!

Those dancers are a little scary but fun!


Medusae said...

We actually got a couple of the John Seymore homesteading books for Christmas, including the one you've shown. I think that the only problem with them is that they're zoned for England's climate? So...processes for growing stuff up here in NearNorth might not be the same. Nevertheless! Excellent resource, to be sure.
When I see those fairy or lore books in the used book store I snap them up! ^.^ You have to have the books to identify the ones you see!! heheh

perma_culture said...

Great books!!!! I have the Organic Farming too, and I thought it has some really helpful things in there =^)

nefaeria said...

Cammie: Thanks! Yes, I bet there are folks who would agree with you!

Medusae: The John Seymore books seem to have a tone gear towards the England, so a little more research is indeed warranted! But I agree, they are excellent resources nonetheless!

Glad to see another Faerylore fan hanging around! ;)

Permie: That book is fantastic for any budding farmer! Are you going to be selling at your farmers’ market this year?