Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Garden Crop Report for 2009

Beans that were picked a few days ago, when I did the seasons last 'big' harvest.

Well, everything is done in the garden, accept for some lettuce, nasturtiums, and the plants I am leaving for seed.

I thought that this was a spiffy way to not only announce how the crops did in the garden, but also to keep track for myself. I got the idea from Gumboot Goddess at her awesome blog. The system that she used was a rating of 1 through 5 {1 being lowest and 5 being highest}.

The garden ended up having various varieties for much of the veggie and herb crops, which is helpful for me to note how each did, but I will spare you all from reading the boring details. ;)


4. Considering the season and the earwigs, it held its own very well.

Beans (Bush & Pole)

5. These guys rarely disappoint me.


3. Got nice greens off them but piddly roots for the most part. The soil was pretty rich and well-aerated by the time I got done with it. There maybe a boron problem, methinks.


2. Same issue as the beets. Got some dinky carrots.


4. It will be even better next year.


5. If we had some deer, there may have been problems, otherwise this crop is pretty much bombproof.


5. If you got sun, you can't go wrong with these guys.


5. It grew like a weed.


1. By the time it started sprouting some feathered critter dined on the sprouts, after the two times I planted it. It was replaced with cilantro.

Lemon Balm

5. Another one that grew like a weed.


4. Would have been a 5 if it wasn't so well loved by the local earwigs and crows.


5. Got lots out of the few plants we have.


5. This might just take over next year!


5. These guys are everywhere!


4. The birds liked these, too.


4. Would have done better if we had an amicable summer.


3. It didn't do as well as I thought it would.


5. Another that rarely disappoints me.


3. Again, piddly little roots.


5. I got little plants for uber cheap, because they weren't so happy when I got them. They ended perking up come August.


5. Very happy how all these guys turned out.


3. Birds got to it, and there was bolting (!!!).


4. Not bad for being planted last minute, in containers.


5. These ended up being my pride and joy for this season! After all the rain and cold weather, we still got plenty..and just a few days ago the heirloom cherries were still flowering! :D


5. This is another one that might try and take over next year!

The last of the tomato harvest.

Altogether we got somewhere between 450 to 500 lbs of food (herbs and veggies included) grown for Amelia Rising. Not bad I suppose for a crappy growing season, and a newly established tiny garden that got a late start.

So how did all of your gardens do?




Hertha said...

It would seem that you had a very good year then! Ours was great too, it just happened later than normal. Kudos for your great work!

nefaeria said...

Hey there Hertha! I'm glad to hear that yours did well! :)

Pyke said...

Looks like your garden was successful! Mine did okay…not the best year that I have had. The garlic turned out the best this year so far. I hope they are even bigger next year.

nefaeria said...

Thanks Pyke! Congrats on the garlic and good luck with next year's garden! :D

Bek said...

A proper good haul there you had! I wish coriander would grow like a weed in our garden!

Ours was...as to be expected ;) New garden + more slugs than you can shake a salt cellar at = not a lot :D

Still waiting and hoping for the Goldenberries to make it as a redeeming factor!

nefaeria said...

*Grrr* slugs! Tell you what, you send some over to me, and I will send you some of those dastardly earwigs! ;)

After seeing photos of your gardens, I know you will have a fantastic one next year! And best of luck with those berries. :)