Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Latest Hallowe'en Costume Fashions for Girls

I was in a local store not too long ago, and as one would imagine, they are full of all of their Hallowe'en items. In the girls' costume section there were many different costumes, but one called 'Naughty, Flirty Pirate' got my attention.

On the packaging one could see what it would look like when worn...the aim is obviously to be 'sexy'. The costume features a low-cut bodice with torn mesh underneath, a skirt that barely covers ass cheeks and hot pink fishnets. The size I picked up was recommended for 4 to 6 year old.

This reminded me of a post that I did last year about extremely disgusting {in my mind at least} costumes for little girls. So I decided to stop by the website who carried these costumes, Costume to see if they have improved their inventory at all.

Well, they are still carrying all the costumes that I mentioned in the other post, and a few more. Have a look:

Child Deluxe Fallen Angel

I guess even under aged Cherubs can be sexualized.

Tween Cats Meow Leopard

Another costume to teach girls {even 'tweens'} that all they are seen for is what's between their legs. Or you can get them started real early with

Chandelle Cat

Girls Miss Mouse

Can't let the rodents feel left out! Nor the bugs...

Lady Bug Tween Size

Girls Miss Lady Bug

Girls Super Bee Hornet

Then there are the costumes brought to us by the Bratz {the lovely manufacturers for all of your sexualized children's needs!}

Girls Bratz Cloe

Girls Bratz Bratty Doctor

Bratz Bat Child

Shit, not even Miss Riding Hood is safe!

Little Red Riding Hood Tween

Little Red Riding Hood Child

And from their 'International' section...

Childs Gretchen Swiss Alps Girl

Tween Polar Princess Eskimo

Hey, assholes! NEWSFLASH: the proper term is Inuit, NOT Eskimo! And I don't think that is exactly traditional Inuit garb.

And for the witchy and goth girls...

Abracadabra Tween

Child Kandy Korn Witch

The Ravager Child




Medusae said...

Oh.. mygod.

What the fuck? Seriously.
This is rediculous... I know I never would have been allowed to dress like this (thankfully). Those girls look like Burlesque performers!! And that tiniest one?? A 'RAVAGER'??? What does that even mean?!

"Hey, assholes! NEWSFLASH: the proper term is Inuit, NOT Eskimo! And I don't think that is exactly traditional Inuit garb."

HAHAHA!!!! Hilarious! I laughed out loud and then looked around heheh.
It's exactly what I was thinking when I saw 'eskimo'. Silly Americans ^.^
Frankly, I dunno where in Canada you can even wear such costumes since those would never fit over snowsuits! ;)

I had to buy a girl-toy for a child's birthday once. I looked up and down the aisles of WallyWorld trying to find something non sexualized... nearly impossible! I wouldn't buy "BRATZ" brand ANYTHING for any girl or boy. They're aberrations! The Bratz 'babies' wear THONG underwear. THONGS!!!!

Great post - you sometimes forget in the commercialization that this stuff has gotten way beyond the pale.

Pyke said...

WTF? As a mother I am a feminist I am not surprised. I am all for freedom of expression but who wants to dress their babies to a sex trade worker? Sexiness is for adults not little girls! I think I might send these people an email.

nefaeria said...

Thanks for your input, folks! It is pretty mind boggling, isn't it?

Medusae: I am not sure what the 'ravager' is supposed to be. I googled it, and all I came up with is this costume. Lol, and yes, by the time Hallowe'en rolls around, pretty much all the trick or treaters are bundled up pretty good here in the Great White North! ;)

Bratz is a disgusting brand, and Walmart is a hypocritical company. They will carry skank-wear for little girls and their toys {and shirts that joke about rape!}, but they refuse to carry books that promote gay marriage and parenting.

Pyke: I agree 100 percent. Sexiness is for adults, not children. Too bad more parents don't have the common sense that you and Medusae have!

FreeDragon said...

When I saw the first pic I thought you were at a sex store and I was wondering why they had costumes for children. Eeek!

Bek said...

Agreed: to all of the above...and as a Lisa Simpson as a child, I'd thought Barbie was insulting...

nefaeria said...

Freedragon: Unfortunately in this case, it's not too farm from tthe truth.

Bek: Lisa Simpson was on to something! ;)

Anonymous said...

This is sick!

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