Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Coast is Clear! {Garden Updates/Witchy & Homesteading Projects}

Hi folks! Well, the snow is finally gone and save for the branches the fell and some damage on our rhubarb patches, it looks like everything is ok. I am hoping that is the last of the snow until Winter. *fingers crossed*

As you can see from the picture above, our lilacs are starting to bloom, and we've got tulips coming up and the sweet woodruff is starting to blossom as well.

My friend who owns the house we just moved into was sweet enough to go out and grab us a new compost bin. The better half and I were/are planning to build a large composter eventually and this should do the job nicely in the mean time. Can never have too much compost! ;)

We have some other projects in the works that we want to get done this Summer, and I thought I would share some plans with you all that I found online:

Chicken Coop {like this or something similar}
Hoop House
Mason Bee House
Hanging Bird Bath

I also have some 'witchy' projects that I will hopefully get to soon. It turns out that the fallen ash branch will be perfect to make a stang out of, and I want to use some of it to make an Ogham set for a friend since she loves ash trees so much. Since lilac is supposed to be great for love magic I might also make a wand out of the wood from our dead bush.

We've already have a little altar/shrine in our yard, but I do want to erect something a little more 'substantial', so if any of you have some ideas please feel free to share them! :)




Bek said...

Yay - you're back! And so is the sun, judging by those luverly garden pics.

Those projects you'll be working on look aces, thanks for the links. That greenhouse is a great find, the chicken coop is so cosy looking and I love the bird baths.

We found some old hanging baskets, dumped, up at our allotment and have fixed them to the fence. They're empty at the moment and have filled up with water: the birds love bathing in them!

The witchy in me looks forward to seeing your other works too ;)

perma_culture said...

Those look like some great projects, love the photos and it is good to hear that your garden is well =^)

nefaeria said...

Bek: Aww, thanks and you are most welcome! :) Isn't finding treasures great? People who can't 'think outside the box' are missing out! ;)

Permie: Thanks! :)

Hertha said...

Thanks for keep us all updated! Oh, the ash wood is a very good call for a stang I think. ;-)

Pyke said...

We just made a mason bee house last weekend! It is good to see that everything is doing well in your garden.

Medusae said...

All the links are awesome - I'll have to send you photos of the chicken coop we made a few years ago. Not pretty, but serviceable. Chickens didn't seem to mind ^.^

We had 5 black laying hens which served us fine.

I just talked talked to our neighbours and their kids run the 'chicken/egg' show for a bit of cash. They have 40 layers!! o.O!!!

Little Capitalists! heheh