Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wortcunning & Leechcraft Pretties on Etsy

These are pretties from Etsy for folks who like to grow and wildcraft plants for magical and medicinal purposes. Depending on each individual certain tools are essential, but these are the types of things that I like to have around {plus a few extras!}. ;)




Bek said...

Love the aesthetic of the booklet, illustration (I love the crow and peas one too haha) and the clay bottle especially.

Also love those harvesting baskets. They're so expensive though! I once found one in a charity shop, but it was too much to be able to justify buying it; even from there. :(

nefaeria said...

Sorry to hear that you are not having luck in find an affordable harvest basket! :(

Honestly, I don't mind spending some extra on a well-made basket...I kind of look at it as an investment. The challenge 'round here is finding another one within my affordability range. Because when you have got a big harvest, you need more than one. ;)

Perhaps we should take up the art of basket weaving/making? :D

Hertha said...

I really love those bottles and the crow print!

Bek said...

Haha, woe is me ;)

Yr definitely right: I've never had the need for one. Lucky you :)

Medusae said...

Oh your 'item' photos always make me yearn!!

I covet them!!! All.

I need them all right now. heh

The potion bag is so cool I could die. ^.^