Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Dandy Thing to Make...

Yesterday I plotted out our other veggie bed {which is going to be a larger rectangle instead of the circle, about the same size as our already established bed}. So before I dig it all up, I want to take advantage of all the dandelions that we have in that area.

We hope to make dandelion wine, dandelion fritters, and more salads of course! Yesterday I made dandelion vinegar after getting the idea from the wonderful blog What I Made Today.

I put filled up a large jar with dandelion flowers and then filled it with a nice cider vinegar. The jar looks more full of flowers in the picture below than it really is; after just a few hours there was about a 1.5 inch space at the bottom, as the flowers seem to want to float to the top.

I used a glass 'canning' lid and will keep it in a cool, dark place for about a month before straining it and putting it in a labeled jar. This recipe says that you can use the roots and leaves as well and white vinegar.

This vinegar will not only be good for the folks in my home but apparently it is quite tasty.




Bek said...

Good work! Thanks for the links too :)

Pyke said...

Sounds great!