Thursday, May 20, 2010

More News & Peektures from the Garden

Howdy folks!

I hope that all of our readers who garden/farm are having a successful season so far!

Over here we've been getting plenty of pollinators and other beneficial bugs {I hope that they will stay!} and a lot of different wildflowers popping up.

The other day I picked up a couple of Yellow Pear tomato plants and I am waiting for the rest of my tomato seedlings to be ready {a couple of friends were nice enough to start some for me!}. A couple of days ago I planted some bush beans {Contender & Orca so far}, Swiss chard {Rainbow & Fordhook Giant}, columbine flowers {Woodland Gold & White}, and a wildflower mix. I also planted some peas about a week back {Peas for Peace, Wando & Laxton's Progress}.

While cleaning up behind one of our sheds we have found all sorts of treasures and trinkets, from antique fishing weights to this piece of wood with some fungus on it {Turkey Tail?}, so that is now sitting in our shade garden.




Hertha said...

Beautiful photos! You got a really good one of the bee!

Bek said...

Sounds like you've had a right good time in the garden: how ace to find some hidden treasures!

Lovely photos :)

Pyke said...

I do believe that those could be turkey's tail fungus. Wonder pictures!

Medusae said...

The photo of the blue flowers is GORGEOUS! Just beautiful.