Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blogger Stole 'Em

For those of you who have contacted me about what happened to your comments, please be assured that I did not erase them. Apparently Blogger had some technical difficulties and I guess the interwebs nommed them for lunch. The same thing happened to the luverly Scented Nectar.

Sorry about that folks!


P.S. Last night we finally finished up our Bealtaine celebrations & rituals, so a post about that will come shortly

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Scented Nectar said...

Officer! They took my posts and comments and went thataway! :D

I think they've given up on trying to restore any further comments/posts as of a couple of days ago from what I see at http://buzz.blogger.com/, although there is a link to a form to fill out, so maybe it's still being fixed on an individual basis from now on.

nefaeria said...

It looks as if they've been fixed! :)

cronnekdhu said...

Wordpress is good for not doing stuff like that...that's why I left blogger; However, wordpress makes you pay for a lot of shit which is kinda annoying.