Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Luverly of the Week: Abandoned Home in Restoule by finder1957

This is a house I always pass by when I am in Restoule to visit family, our ancestral cemetery and other sacred spots. Apparently it was the home of a second cousin, but I only remember it as being dilapidated.

Finder1957 also took a photo of another abandoned home that you pass on the way into Restoule:

I am one already prone to nostalgia and passing these houses always bring that out in me. But I don't mind in the least.

Besides my ancestral lands across the pond, Restoule is certainly where my heart is.



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Bek said...

Amazing! The first one looks like it's being ever so slooowly being sucked back into the forest as it also folds into itself, until one day it just *poof!* disappears! :D

Margelaene said...

They look like a mirage. Wonderful!

~*~cammie~*~ said...

what happened to my last comment?

Medusae said...

What beautiful houses - they may be old and worn, but they're not unloved by passers-by such as yourself :)
I love those old abandoned houses and always want to go in. Sometimes I do with the ones that are quite rural and have been empty for decades.
It's "trespassing" (heh), and generally quite dangerous >.>, but some of them are so interesting inside having original fixtures and such.

nefaeria said...

Beks: Hehe, Nature is still Mistress of that area. :)

Margelaene: I am glad you liked it. :)

Cammie: Sorry about that. I hope you read my post "Blogger Stole 'Em" for an explanation as to what happened.

Medusae: I get that same urge too, especially with old barns! :D

Anonymous said...

we have an abandoned farm mill and small cabin in the woods near our house where I practice my craft. I will take pictures and post them =3

nefaeria said...

Please do Darroch! :)