Saturday, May 14, 2011

How to Feed Plough-Folk...

...or at least how to eat like one!

After a long day working in the field {or garden!!}, most of us are too weary to spend loads of time in the kitchen preparing something to eat. So after washing the dirt from under your nails, try one of these variations of a ploughman's lunch, which are guaranteed to be quick, easy, and to satisfy your gut.

From Epicurious
From the kitchn
From Slow Travel
From My Recipes
From Recipe Taps



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Cevennenwolf said...

I wish you a wonderful weekend

~*~cammie~*~ said...

i love meals like this!

cronnekdhu said...

Nice post~! I removed my previous post because I want to do some more research and re-post it =]

btw, expect more book reviews, pictures of my new stang, etc. <3 btw, the captcha said, "Sidhe," and I thought that would make your day!

nefaeria said...

Cevennenwolf: Thanks! I hope that you had an awesome one too! :)

Cammie: Me too! Especially with a little something from Wytchwood on the side. ;)

Darroch: I look forward to them all. :)