Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Way of the Morris

The Way of the Morris is a new documentary that looks like it would be worth a watch for folks interested in Morris dancing. Here is a snippet from the website:

"A heartfelt ode to his agrarian roots, Way of the Morris follows filmmaker Tim Plester on a journey from the English village green to the killing fields of The Somme, as he searches for a connection with the much-maligned native dance traditions that run deep in his bloodline."

And here are two of the official trailers:



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Bek said...

This looks great!

Medusae said...

Fantastic - so lovely and exciting!! You totally turned me onto Morris dancing last year (or was it two years ago? heheh!)
Whichever - I credit you!
Thanks ^.^

nefaeria said...

I hope you folks get a chance to watch it. I suspect you would be the first to be able to Beks! :)

I am glad you find it cool too Medusae. :)