Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A May Garden Quickie

Howdy folks! I hope that all of our readers are enjoying the beautiful May. :)

Things have been rather busy 'round here, so this is just a quick peekture post of some of the growing progress in our little patch of dirt {please excuse the shoddy quality}.

I will post about our Bealtaine some time after Friday. Be sure to get out and enjoy the May!



{wild ginger}

{Siberian squill}

{sweet woodruff}

{lady's mantle}

{lemon balm}




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Bek said...

Wow, your funny mushrooms have grown a lot! ;)

Ginger! I want to grow summa that. All looking keen and pretty there :)

Tairis said...

It's so good to see things growing! Lovely pictures.

nefaeria said...

Thanks folks! :)

Beks, I am assuming that our ginger will go into seed this year {not too sure, because we just planted it last year}, so if it does I will send you some seeds if you like. It's a luverly woodland edible. :)

Hertha said...

I am excited to see more of your garden. The lady's mantle even has some dew. :-)

Medusae said...

Ohh I really am enjoying May! It's been windy, but gorgeous!
It's great to see the garden coming alive. Looking forward to seeing many more photos of all your beauties! :D

Wow - your rhubarb is doing so much better than mine! Must be the magic. :D

cronnekdhu said...

send me some herbs me way ;)

nefaeria said...

Hertha: Thanks! Indeed it did, along with a whole lotta sand. ;)

Medusae: Glad you are getting good weather up there too! Peektures of your garden please! :D

Darroch: I would be happy to once there are some to be harvested. Are you growing anything? :)