Saturday, June 4, 2011

Happiness for me is...

Knowing that I am loved, imperfections and all.

{royalty free photo}

Having dirt under my nails and sweat on my brow.

{photo by Lauren Mitchell}

The smell of rotting leaves and woodsmoke.

{royalty free photo}

Moving with Fate.

{royalty free photo}

Mastering a useful skill.

{photo source}

Crows cawing in our yard for their morning yum-yums, and the sound of them laughing as I bring it out.

{photo by North60}

Snorgling under a mountain of blankets with my furball and my better half in the heart of Winter.

Frolicking in the woods and then having a picnic on a bed of moss underneath and old tree.

{royalty free photo}

Seeing old farmsteads revived and used as farms once again.

{photo by Gregg Obst}

Witnessing random acts of kindness.

{photo by ~maya*maya~}

Getting lost in a pile of good books.

{photo by Lin Pernille}

Seeing elders pass on their wisdom to eager young-folk.

{royalty free photo}

Horses! The whisker rubs, the long rides, the whinnies, the smell of hay. Even scooping up their muffins for the garden compost pile. Everything about them makes me giddy.

{photo by kelsey_lovefusionphoto}

Saving and sharing seeds. It's like giving a middle finger salute to the corporate thugs who think that they can patent and own life.

{photo by kt.ries}

Remembering just how much influence my Grandparents had on me and being told that in many ways I am like them.


What is happiness for you?



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FreeDragon said...

I love all the things you mentioned! I would have to add going to the river, coffee, and bubble baths.

nefaeria said...

Those are great things too! Perhaps they can be combined if you use a little soapwort for the "bubbles". ;)

Bek said...

You've selected things I am in total agreement with - I was in the woods the other day and could detect woodsmoke and thought to myself I LOVE this smell so much!

I would add that my happiness increases proportionately to the amount of control / freedom I feel I have over / in my own life - as well as basic things like tea, food, music, yoga and sunshine..which reminds me: being able to hang clothes outside to dry after a long winter :)

nefaeria said...

Oh yes! Hanging the laundry is such a nice little luxury to have! :)