Thursday, June 16, 2011

Salad Fixins and Other News & Views

Yum! :D

{salad fixins: bloomsdale spinach, giant red mustard, dancing with lettuce, red oak leaf lettuce, chives, crop circle radish, sun arugula.}

We finally finished digging up the rest of the beds. In one of them we transplanted some of our tatters that were in containers, as they were getting a tad crowded:

{crowded norland tatters}

{new tatter row: w/ burbank russets & norlands}

Other warm weather crops are starting to spring to life:

{blue hubbard squash}

{purple mustache pole bean}

And everyone else is doing fine and dandy. Here are just a few more random shots:

{mullein in the perfectly wild mess in the front}

{columbine in the front}

{peas for peace}

{devon peas}

{cupani sweet peas}

{flowering lady's mantle}

{more columbine, but this time in the back}


I am doing a large herb harvest today which I will post about later some time after the weekend. I am heading off tomorrow to our annual crazy lady Midsummer weekend, at River Run.



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Bek said...

Mmm, there is nothing like picking a mixed salad like that. Just looking at the picture makes me want to go out in the garden right now!

Everything's looking great - I was up at the allotment on Monday and think the mullein is about to flower - hope I haven't missed it by this Monday!

nefaeria said...

Thanks! :)

Wow, your mullein is flowering already??? I think it is Common Mullein {which is supposed to be a biennial}. Either way, the torches last a while so I think you will be able to enjoy them. ;)

This is a great time of year in the garden...most of the hard work is done and a steady harvest starts coming in. Another month or so there will be big harvests to deal with, but that is not such a bad problem to have!

cronnekdhu said...

Nice lookin' plants dear~! btw, how are things going? btw, check out my post on the ogham <3

Hertha said...

Your garden is looking so great!

nefaeria said...

Thanks Darroch & Hertha! :)

perma_culture said...

Your garden is looking great! So are you growing potatoes in containers and in the ground?