Monday, June 27, 2011

Standing Alone Trilogy

These are three interesting films that are about the Blood elder, Pete Standing Alone.



P.S. there is some footage of rodeos that I personally find very disturbing and cruel, otherwise I enjoyed the films.


Circle of the Sun
This short documentary by Colin Low is an invitation to a gathering of the Blood Indians of Alberta - as the Sun Dance is captured on film for the first time. The film shows how the theme of the circle reflects the bands' connection to wildlife and also addresses the predicament of the young generation, those who have relinquished their ties with their own culture but have not yet found a firm place in a changing world.

Standing Alone
Pete Standing Alone is a Blood Indian who, as a young man, was more at home in the White man's culture than his own. Confronted with the realization that his children knew very little about their origins, he became determined to pass down to them the customs and traditions of his ancestors. This film is the powerful biographical study of a 25-year span in Pete's life, from his early days as an oil-rig roughneck, rodeo rider and cowboy, to the present as an Indian concerned with preserving his tribe's spiritual heritage in the face of an energy-oriented industrial age.

Round Up
This short film traces Pete Standing Alone's personal journey from cultural alienation to pride and belonging. As a spiritual elder, teacher, and community leader of the Blood Indians of Southern Alberta, Pete works with the youth to repair the cultural and spiritual destruction wrought by residential schools. At age 81, has come full-circle in his dedication to preserving the traditional ways of his people.

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perma_culture said...

I have watched the first one so far thank you for sharing. =^)

nefaeria said...

You are most welcome, Permie! I hope that you enjoy them. :)

bek said...

I too have been slowly working my way through them...very good, highly interesting, but still a little bit sad - for me anyway.

Can't believe he's an 81 year old man though, he's very sprightly!

nefaeria said...

Indeed he is! :D It is sad how we have treated our First Peoples. That is one of the reason why I thought that these docs are important to watch.

bek said...