Monday, June 6, 2011

Kinda, Sorta on Schedule

We've been a tad behind getting all the beds dug and planted {third year in a row, I'd say we're well on our way to making that a trend}, but we only have one and half to floof up and three to plant. Not so bad I suppose.

In the beds that are done we currently have:

Hobo Turnips
Giant Red Mustard
Dinosaur Kale
"Devon" Peas
Peas for Peace
Blue Jay Bush Beans
Contender Bush Beans
Tanya's Pink Podded Bush Beans
Purple Mustache Pole Beans
French Climbing Pole Beans
Russian Mammoth Sunflowers
Henri Wild Sunflowers
Autumn Sunset Sunflowers
Acorn Squash
Buttercup Squash
Blue Hubbard Squash
Small Sugar Pumpkins
Strange Zucchini
Pink Lady Tomatoes {which was accidental, I thought it was an "Old Timer"}
Old Timer Tomatoes
Roma Tomatoes
Yellow Pear Tomatoes

{an overview of the finished veggie patch. pictures of the other to come}

{peas, kale, mustard, and hobo turnips}

{tomatoes and zucchini in this bed}

Once we finish the rest of the beds we will be planting cantaloupes, melons, nasturtiums, more pole beans and sunflowers, and probably more hobo turnips. There is enough room in one of the already cultivated beds for more tomatoes and some basil too.

We finally got the plant part of our order from Richters, and considering they travelled through the post, I think they look pretty good. They just need some time to settle in.


{common foxgloves}

{munstead lavender & wormwood pictured}

{common comfrey}

We've got a whole bunch of stuff growing in containers too, which seem to be doing well.

{giant red mustard}

{mixed lettuce & cupani sweet peas}

{red russian kale}

{crop circle radish}

{egg turnip}


We recently planted wild tobacco {Nicotiana rustica} and tatters {Norland & Burbank Russet}, along with some flowers, herbs, and other veggies.

{burbank russet potatoes}

{norland potatoes}

The "garden" and "lawn" in the front was quite neglected last year when we moved in, and I suspect it had been that way for quite a few years before that. It is still pretty though and there are a whole bunch of useful and luverly plants that are growing in the front.

{chives and not too sure}

{white columbine}

And I will be able to do my first real harvest of herbs soon{by the looks of it: lemon balm, spearmint, peppermint, thyme, oregano, motherwort, chamomile and sweet woodruff}! :D

{sweet woodruff}



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Scented Nectar said...

The patchouli has sharper teeth than I remember.

I'm behind on my live plant orders, so can I come over and just, like lay down in your garden? I need that right now. I need some of that nice fragrant ambience. And then, I'm just going to curl up and go to sleep there in the greenery. Hope you don't mind. (Can you tell I had a shitty day?) :)

Scented Nectar said...

Quick 2nd comment just to press the 'email followup' button that I forgot in the previous one.

nefaeria said...

The patchouli is an absolutely luverly hands smell like a hippy after feeling the fuzzy leaves! :D

You are very welcome to stop by and twitterpait in the garden and snooze. I will put on some coffee. :)

Sorry to hear you had a shit day though!

Bek said...

Everything looks just gorgeous :)

I love that hippy smell! ;)

nefaeria said...

Thanks! :D

Medusae said...

Beautiful! Great photos.
You have such an organized and tidy garden - it's a pleasure to see due to my very lacking organizational skills!

You can send/receive plants through the post?? I had no idea! o.o

Everything's lookin good. :)

nefaeria said...

Medusae: Thanks! :)

Oh we will make a hardy Northern steader of you yet! :D

One would think that sending plants in the post would be an impossible feat, but they send them packed all nice in separate cardboard partitions and glaring instructions on the outside on how the postal folks should handle them. That, and the package got here the day after they sent it.

Elaine said...

I am envious of your sweet woodruff, no matter how hard I try, can't get it going here and pleased to see someone else is growing the giant red mustard. Mine did very well this season.