Thursday, June 16, 2011

Irish Folks Battle w/ Shell

Seren over at the Tairis blog posted about this earlier, and I thought that some of our readers would be interested {and pissed off!!!} about this as well.

There is a documentary called The Pipe that came out last fall about the struggle that the residents in Co. Mayo Ireland are having with Shell.

The documentary can be seen over here, but I think that I am on the wrong side of the Atlantic, as isn't viewable in my area. Here is a trailer:

And to find out more information about the struggle check out Shell to Sea website.



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Bek said...

This has been going on for so long now...wish I could get over there!

Saw some other Rossport footage a while ago of a woman who was going on a hunger strike, but don't know what happened in the end.

I like the comment on their website about how we raise children to know right from wrong and it's in adulthood that it's most tested...I often think that in my job, somedays the hypocrisy makes me laugh, sometimes literally want to puke - all that care-y share-y etc talk. It's something I've thought about writing a massive rant about before.

Anyway, sorry, I'm ranting already!

I'll have to brace myself before watching this for sure.

Seren said...

Thanks for passing this on!

nefaeria said...

Beks: Rant away dear! ;) I saw some more footage of the documentary on YouTube and it looks like a pretty good documentary. Apparently the gent behind it made it because the mainstream media was really just shilling for Shell. No fucking suprise there, eh?

Seren: My pleasure and thank you!

perma_culture said...

I watched it late last year, it is an excellent movie about a messed up situation. I hope you get to watch it. =^)