Saturday, October 25, 2008

Oh, Isn't This Nice...

Of all the things that I might be accused of being, one thing is certain is that I am not a prude; in fact, many would probably consider me a deviant. With that said, I am an adult, who is capable of making her own choices.

While I acknowledge that we are all sexual beings—and this includes children—it does not mean that we have the right to sexualize everyone—again, this includes children!

I have come across a website that features some real messed up costumes for little girls. If you browse the whole website, you will notice that it is women and girls who get the ‘honour’ of donning the slutty costumes, while the men and boys are shall we say, more covered up.

I really don’t give two hoots about the women’s costumes, as they are being marketed for adults, so I will share some of the worst ones for little girls.

From's Diva Section:

"Deluxe Pink & Silver Sequin Dot Diva Dress Child"

This pink little number is short enough for your little girl to slap on the thong of her Baby Bratz doll.

From's Occupational Section:

"Major Flirt Child"

Who knew being a flirt was an occupation? Anyhoo, this costume certainly calls for 7 year olds to wear their padded bras, as well all know, if you don't have big hooters, you're worthless!

"Mega Star Child"

This costume is the perfect pairing for the child's pole dancing kit.

"French Maid Child"

Better get started early on grooming your little girls into the ideal housewife! And she better know how to clean and look sexy while doing it.

From's Animal Section:

"Purrty Kitty Child"

A nice little tongue-in-cheek reminder of what one body part that all females are eventually reduced to in our society.

And here are a few that just speak for themselves:

"Cheerless Leader Child"

"Bad Spirit Child"

"Devil Grrrl - Child"

"Registered Nurse Child"




themanicgardener said...

Ugh, ugh, ugh and ugh. I sometimes think it's a damn good thing I didn't have a daughter, because I wouldn't have been able to deal with Barbies, much less this stuff. I was hard enough on my sons over cowboy outfits. (Guns, y'know.) Why people want their kids to look like this is beyond me. I think their (our) sense of what's appropriate gradually gets eroded.

If I keep on, I'll start sounding like the Christian right here in the States, which is at least as scarey as these outfits, so I'll stop.

nefaeria said...

I think that this is something that unfortunately many parents feel; they are relieved not to have a daughter and all the issues that come along with it. Often I am in the same camp.

And I think that your position is very sensible, regardless of where it is rooted.

Children are children for a reason, and we have no business as adults trying to make them look and act like mini adults. ESPECIALLY since they do not get to benefit from many of the freedoms that adults do in our society (voting, driving, drinking, et al).

I would be interested in seeing how someone could justify these costumes being marketed to little girls, particularly the French maid one.

SlĂ inte!


Diana Boston said...

All of these costumes bother me for the same reasons the author stated but the one that bothers me the most is the Major Flirt costume.

Right now, in the US Military, they are witnessing an incredible amount of supposed suicides among women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

These suicides are really homicides and the women have always been sexually violated.

This costume says loud and clear that if you are a woman in the military that you are nothing more than a sex object for the male staff. You have no authority and you are EXPECTED to give out sexually to any male soldier that wants you.

Oh this hits me really hard. The manufacturer and distributor of that costume needs to be seriously reprimanded and that costume taken off shelves FOREVER.

nefaeria said...


You brought up some points that I didn't even think about. Thanks for bringing them up, and for the link.



Anonymous said...

All I've heard is people jumping on the moral high ground (as usual) you all have done risque things as a child,either clothes or actions and because you all feel bad, you have now turned into moral do-gooders so stop whining about it, it doesn't matter what they wear as long as YOU the parent make sure they know the bounderies!

nefaeria said...

Uh, ya, Anon, you are in no position to state what the reasoning is behind our disgust of children being dressed up as under aged porn stars. I would rather be a "moral do-gooder" than someone who dresses their toddlers and young girls like this. I would take it one step further and say that people who dress their children up like this have *serious* issues and probably should not allowed to be around children at all, never mind having the privilege of raising them.