Friday, August 8, 2008

greetings from aymi

..monday quickly turned into Wednesday......which quickly turned into Friday.
Here is my belated greeting.
i’m aymi, and i share this space with my best friend & Etsy artist collaborator, Laurel.
i’m hoping to be able to post updates on my ongoing art projects, art projects not yet developed in this reality & maybe even photos of the progress. I’m a creator of collages, mixed media art, clutter & poetry{which is frequently melded together in some of my projects}.
- -
i am rather itchy today & not that red real itch...the inside itch, where you can't ever reach.
to satisfy this itch, i’ve been working on my very first public Etsy art project. I’ll try & get photos of the progress for my next post.

Until then-i shall leave you all with a poem:

“Could it have been me.....with long, delving palm itching sadness.....
wait-....-it was me,
you could have had me, right beside you.....fully automatic, and sweating from the desert sun--
....i'm just one spoiled nun, with a wicked smile.”


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